What to post on OnlyFans to make the most money
JojosGirls / 2021-02-12 / 8min read

So you signed up to this super trendy thing called OnlyFans that everyone and their dog is jumping on but what do you even post? Making an account is easy but most models forget the business aspect of it all. You have to sell something that the customer wants, you have to find the customers and then be able to keep them around. And in order to do that you have to first understand your customer.

Having coached and managed hundreds of girls over the past few years, I will share what I have learned about people who buy porn and what they want to see you doing in order to buy your content.

Who even subscribes to OnlyFans

Before we dive deeper, let’s try to build a quick profile of someone who buys content. When I started in the cam business, the majority of people who paid tokens to models were lonely guys; older gentlemen, divorcees, guys in boring marriages or younger people with social anxiety. Rarely, we got people who deeply enjoyed the specific niche of porn the model was selling in. Buying porn was considered shameful like everything else related to it so most ‘normal’ guys stayed away.

In the recent years however, things have changed for the better. Porn and everything related to it is now considered just plain ole’ entertainment; buying, selling and producing it is no different than it would be for any other type of content. As a result, we now see a lot of average guys who are open to spending a few bucks to check out some premium content for models they follow on social media. Your subscribers are nothing but average people who want to support and interact with you; that girl who they don’t get to meet in real life but have always fantasized about. They are regular guys who want entertainment. You provide it. They will pay to support you, just like they pay to support their favorite YouTuber.

That being said, getting people to part with money always requires some work and in order to have them go from your social media to buying your content on OnlyFans requires you to offer some value.

Take a pause and ponder over this for a second. What value do you really offer? Porn is freely available on tube sites and they can probably already see your teasers so why even subscribe?

In my experience coaching models, I always get different answers for this question. And that is OK! Everyone does have unique selling points. The key is to just approach whatever you offer with the following mental framework:

  1. Keep it interactive
  2. Keep it exclusive

Everyone will approach this differently, but as long as you keep these two things in mind you will make money! Let’s dive deeper and help you develop some ideas to achieve these things.

Keeping it Interactive

Reply to DMs on social media and make yourself available

If you seriously want to make money with an OnlyFans, making yourself open to conversation is the first step. Having your DMs open tells guys that there is a real person behind it all and also gives you the opportunity to hustle your fans into a paid subscription. This is specially important in the beginning when you don’t have the volume to automatically attract paid followers.

That being said, be cautious of the amount of time you budget for this. You will get a lot of messages and you need to be able to recognize guys who pay. Most models develop a good sense for this over time. I generally teach models to mention their OnlyFans within 5 messages. If you get a lead, great. Otherwise on to the next one.

Post Free Content and Get Chummy with Fans

A lot of models hate when I ask them to post for free this but hear me out. Usually it comes from a place of guarding their oh-so-precious content which is what they think guys are paying to watch. But this is nothing but a missed opportunity.

Your content has no value. They can jerk off to unlimited content for free. What has value is your personality; that cool sexually open girl who loves to flaunt.

Posting fun freebies gets a lot of eyes and gives them a preview of what you offer. It lets them experience your world and makes it easy to convert them into paid customers. I encourage models to explore being interactive with their free followers as much as possible. Follow them back, like their posts, reply to their messages and encourage flirty discussions through captions, polls and wish lists.

Show Face

I know some models want to do it anonymously but hiding your face makes it impersonal. It tells guys that you are not serious about making content. If you are someone who does porn, just own it. Having your face hidden does not do a good job at preventing your being found out but at the same time prevents you from making any good money. If you’re in it for the long hall and want to make serious money, just say fuck it and reveal!

Post Regularly

Posting regularly is one of the most important things to do to run a successful social media account. When you post regularly, it breeds a sense of familiarity, shows you are someone who makes content and encourages guys to interact with you. Familiarity makes it easy to have guys pay for your content. Would you rather not spend a few dollars on a friend’s enterprise?

Also social media companies design algorithms that give you more visibility if you post more often. Posting regularly, makes sure your profiles are presented to more people organically and we all know the math: more views ⇒ more money

Keep it exclusive

Creating content tiers is one of the most important things you can do to make money on OnlyFans and as a business owner one of the most important challenges is to create that perfect balance; give away enough to attract interest from people but hidden enough so that they convert to paid customers.

Generally here are a few different tiers I use to create exclusivity for my models.

Before everything, come up with a strong persona

This is your brand, and it’s important to say the least. Brands themselves have exclusivity built-in. A Honda Civic does not offer the same class of a Mercedes Benz and the same concept applies to content. You have to set yourself apart from everyone else. Think about a genre you’re passionate about and see how you can add your own personal touch to it.

If you need to discuss this with someone, we offer a free one on one coaching service for models!

Social Media Tier

Social media is super important and at the same time super super competitive, especially with everyone and their mom now jumping into selling content. The trick here is to instantly get attention from people as they browse their feeds.

For more conservative platforms, focus on posting good quality pictures; good lighting, good poses and good clothing goes a long way. For open platforms like Twitter and Reddit the best way is to post juicy tidbits from your best content.

I did an experiment with a few models clips involving the climatic parts of content i.e orgasms, squirting etc get the best engagement. Giving out the best parts seems counterintuitive but you still keep exclusivity by limiting the viewing time; keep clips super short and cover some things with creative sticker overlays if you have the editing capacity.

Generally you want to keep your social media as fresh as you possibly can by posting regularly. This keeps you staying blessed with the algorithms and gets your content recommended to new people.

Freemium Tier

Some fans simply don’t want to part with their cash right away and I use this tier to just have them step into the door. This creates an excellent opportunity to upsell.

I mostly use two tools for this; a second free OnlyFans and a clip site like ManyVids.

For free OnlyFans, the open content does not look that different from social media. I like to bring the content a notch down here because fans know they can unlock it all with a few dollars so hiding the good bits a bit more leads to sales.

Keep your profile set up as best as you can and make liberal use of bulk private messages. You can advertise and offer some or all of these services:

  1. Private Clips
  2. On on one video sessions
  3. Cock ratings
  4. Tangibles such as used panties, replica pussy etc

You can sell very similar things on ManyVids except it’s more of a public store so things sell automatically. Again, keep your profiles updated as best as you can and keep uploading content. I like to simply repost old clips of my models here.

Camsites like Chaturbate also fall in this category. If you can, definitely consider joining one because it can elevate your presence as a content creator significantly. Camming can be complicated and require discussion on its own so if you need to talk to someone about it book a free session with us here!

Premium Tier

These are your tops fans…and they need to be cherished. They are in the door, you know they like you and you know they can pay. They should be treated with love and respect and given VIP treatment. Talk to any sex worker and they will tell you that they make money from just a few people. Talk to a sales manager and they will tell you how important existing customers are. You already spent energy acquiring them and you have a relationship; they are ready to be sold. I love them and like to call them the phat cats.

They should just get the best of all your content. Don’t try to hide anything from them and offer them discounts on the things you upsell in your Freemium tier. Keep your DMs open and talk to them if they initiate.

One thing you can do to offer even more exclusivity here is something like a girlfriend experience; offer long term packages, one on one texting, video sessions and anything to get things more personal with you (within reason and with safety in mind! No meetups ever!)

One quick note on exclusivity; make sure you keep content from your best fans private as posting can sometimes drive them away as you’re sharing something that they think that they paid for with everyone for free. They should get to own it unless they ask you to post.

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