What is Premium Snapchat and how to make money with one
Jojo / 2019-10-20 / 8min read

Snapchat since its inception has lent itself as the best platform for sexting. Unlike Twitter or Instagram, its private nature and timed messages make it one of the places to share lewds privately. The term Premium Snapchat is simply used to describe the concept of selling content on a Snapchat account.

If you’ve read other articles on this website, one thing I always stress on is personalizing your content. As an amateur content creator, you have a lot of competition with the plethora of free porn available on the internet and what can set you apart is how you engage with your fans and create an experience personal for them. And due to its nature, using Snapchat to engage with your fans helps you achieve just that. Besides, it already has a decent user base and since it's already extremely popular for sexting there aren’t a lot of mental and physical barriers to have guys buy-in and pay up.

What to sell on Premium Snapchat?

Here are a few things you can offer on Snapchat:

  • Subscription to you private stories - This means you will be regularly posting lewds on private stories that only guys who pay will have access to. The subscription can be for anywhere between 1 week to lifetime
  • One-on-One Sexting sessions - This is similar to the Girlfriend Experience often mentioned in sex work. You will be interactively flirting/sexting with guys just like you would with your boyfriend. You can either sell this as a long-term subscription as well or charge for shorter time periods.

Now that we know what Premium Snapchat is, here is a practical mini guide on running one.

Safety First

I want to start with a few important tips you should consider changing before starting selling to keep yourself safe and maintain some privacy in your vanilla life.

  • Make a completely separate account. In my experience it is almost impossible to run a Premium Snapchat with your personal one so it's advisable to create a new one and keep it completely separate.
  • When picking a username, make sure you don’t mention your real name or location in anyway (better yet, lie about it). If you have presence elsewhere, try to reuse your usernames e.g from Chaturbate.
  • Make sure the option to find you by your phone number is unchecked. To do this, go to settings -> Mobile Number -> Uncheck Let Others Find my using my mobile number
  • Make sure your location is not being shared. To do this, go to Settings -> Additional Services -> See My Location -> Enable Ghost Mode
  • Make sure you do not appear in Quick Add. To do this, go to Settings -> Additional Services -> See Me in Quick Add -> Uncheck Show me In Quick Add

Managing Content Access

For models working with Jojo’s Girls, we like to run two Premium Snapchat accounts simultaneously. One of them is used for promoting and has public stories with explicit teasers. The second is completely private and used for selling content where only paid subscribers are added. We have found that models generally find this easier to manage and also allows a backup of subscribers in case the account gets deleted.

The other way is to have one account with both public and private stories. Post your promos on the public stories and post premium content on private stories only your subscribers are added to.

What kind of content works best?

The advice in this sections is a general guideline and you should always adapt it to make content based on your own personality and niche.

Generally you want to create content that catches eyes. Far too often, I see perfectly good content spoiled by a shaky camera zoomed all the way in. For starters, make sure you have decent lighting, the camera is upright and appropriately covers what you are trying to film. You can look into Snapchat's new feature for hands-free stories to free your hands up and add some distance.

Whatever you do, try to personalize content as much as possible. Not every snap has to involve your masturbating or having sex. Some light teasing throughout out the day will keep people engaged and bring you more payments in the long run. For one-on-one setups go with the flow and make it look like a normal healthy sexting session. I personally don't recommend sharing snaps outside your house for safety reasons since you don't want to get doxxed.

For your teasers, the best way is to create short clips from your explicit sessions and cover the good bits up with Snapchat stickers or text inviting them to pay for a subscription. Its ok to engage with guys who haven't paid yet since this tells them you're real.

If you like free personalized coaching, feel free to send an email to contact@jojosgirls.com!

How to take Payment

Generally, you will have to take payment and keep track of who paid and when their subscription ends. You can either take payment through a popular app like PayPal and use a spreadsheet to keep track of subscribers or use a specialized platform built just for this purpose.

Payment is one of the biggest pain points for content sellers since a lot of providers are not sex-worker friendly but there are a few different options. Here is a comparison of everything you can use:

PayPal or Venmo PayPal, Venmo and alot of mainstream money transfer apps don’t allow transactions for sex work so it is always a risk of getting banned. In order to circumvent bans you can make a second unverified account and transfer cash out to your main account linked to a bank account as soon as you can. If you are hell bent on using your main account, make a business account to prevent your real name from being shared. The good thing is that these apps are available worldwide and most people already use it.

Fee: 0% for friends and family, 2% for businesses

CashApp CashApp also does not allow any transactions for sex works but is still widely used by a lot of girls. You can easily make an account using an alias without linking a bank account and withdraw cash through an ATM. Again, I recommend withdrawing as soon as possible. Ask your fans to send money without mentioning adult content to stay under the radar. For unverified account they have a limit on the amount of around $250-500/week.

Fee: 2.75%

Gift Cards Gift cards can be an excellent way of accepting payments for Premium Snapchat since they are completely anonymous both for the buyer and seller and are relatively safe. The only problem is they have to be used in certain stores and in certain countries. You can exchange Gift Cards for cash on websites like cardpool.com. There are a number of such services that can be found through a Google Search.

Fee: Depends

ManyVids ManyVids is platform you can use to sell your content. It has a search engine built in with a really good preview functionality. You can sell anything from clips to panties besides Premium Snapchat subscriptions on it in case you want to monetize your lifestyle further. It does have a hefty fee but it is worth it given how many features it has and the amount of exposure you can get through it.

Fee: 40%

Chaturbate or other cam sites If you already cam (highly recommended if you want to get followers fast) you can use it to accept payment for Premium Snapchat as well. In your tip menu, offer Premium Snapchat subscriptions in exchange for Chaturbate tokens. If someone pays, have them send you a PM with their username. I find it easy to convert cam viewers who already have tokens to Premium Snapchat subscribers as well.

Fee: 50%

OnlyFans OnlyFans is a platform (almost like an adult Twitter) with the sole purpose of selling premium content to your fans. If you find Premium Snapchat hard to manage, you can simply use Snapchat to promote yourself using freebies and then use OnlyFans to sell your content. It has subscriptions, payments and ability to share content privately built-in and has quite a large number of users.

Fee: 20%

Where to promote?

As I always say...everywhere. Generally, you want to sign-up on as many payment platforms mentioned above and then promote yourself on social media as much as you can.

Here is an article on the Phat Cat theory of Camming which will help you understand where money comes from as an adult content creator.

Generally, vanilla social media will be the best place to promote since guys are already on it. Whatever you do, be sure to cross mention all your online presence as much as you can.

Here are a few platforms models at Jojo’s Girls use:

  • Reddit - It has a healthy community for selling content. Checkout this article to learn more about selling nudes on Reddit.
  • Instagram and Twitter - You can gather a decent number of fans by posting short teasers there. Check this article to learn what you can post without getting banned.
  • PornHub or other tube sites - You can gain a lot of followers by posting a few free videos here. Full length clips and a Snapchat compilation will bring you a lot of eyes. You can creatively mention your Snapchat and other social media in the description of videos or as a watermark to bring guys closer to your paid customers.
  • Find other girls and arrange SFS. You can other find other girls who are also selling and arrange shout for shouts. This gives you legitimacy and helps you gain followers fast. I started JojosGirls to create a community for camgirls just for this purpose.
  • Livecams like Chaturbate. If you’re serious about doing the cam life, I highly recommend camming. Sites like Chaturbate get a lot of traffic from guys who love amateur porn and are willing to pay for a good show. Putting yourself on it is an excellent way to get a lot of fans fast. Not only will you make money from camming but all your gigs including Snapchat will benefit from this publicity.