Thinking of selling nudes on OnlyFans? Consider this first!
JojosGirls / 2020-10-05 / 4min read

In the past few months and especially after this COVID fiasco I am seeing a huge surge in popularity of OnlyFans. A lot of new young girls want to join it and why not? It take a few minutes to join, post some nudes and voila…here comes all the cash! I have seen numerous articles promoting this story. Popular news outlets showcase Maitlyn Ward, the TV actress who suddenly switched to porn and is now making bank on OnlyFans. A simple Google search will yield a cornucopia of similar stories of models making millions of dollars per year apparently with minimum effort.

Yes all this is true, but literally not a single one speaks of the downsides of this lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the porn industry and owe my livelihood to it but it does have a dark side that somehow never gets talked about that much. With the barrier to entry getting so low, I wanted to give you some reasons you might want to reconsider becoming an amateur porn star. This lifestyle is extremely rewarding but make sure what you are getting into before it becomes a regret!

Don’t do it if you have a career in mind

The internet is forever. Once your content goes on it, it stays there forever. The minute you put something out there, there is a very high chance it will get replicated and reposted everywhere; private forums, tube sites you name it. This is a well accepted fact in the industry and we have pretty much accepted it by now. Most studios now simply share revenue with popular tube sites for users re uploading there content and as cam girls just consider it free promotion.

Unfortunately, if you have another career in mind this means that you can’t just do this for a while and then expect to be forgotten. Its true that a lot of models never get noticed in real life but it has happened in the past and with serious consequences. What makes me afraid isthat with artificial intelligence it may soon become easier to reverse image search models’ real identities making getting identified in real life a common occurrence.

If you absolutely must continue, wear a wig or do it while hiding your face. Be sure to block your own geographical region from viewing your profile on the platforms you work with. Unfortunately, this can hamper your earnings and that point is it really worth it?

Don’t do it if you think this is easy money

A lot of people have this misconception that selling nudes is easy. This is absolutely untrue; you need to be able market your brand, deal with customers and sell a product. Furthermore, with the recent influx of models, competition is getting fierce and you now need to be able to constantly set yourself apart to grab the attention of guys who are willing to pay.

Like any new small business, all this takes time and effort. If you are not ready to hustle specially in the initial stages of your career, this is probably not for you. In my experience most models end up quitting within 2–3 months. They sign up excitedly, casually post pictures here and there and then get disappointed and quit after not making any money.

Make sure that if you start, you are prepared and ready to commit to this lifestyle for a few months at least. Everyone makes money but with patience!

Don’t do it if don’t have the mental and physical stamina for sex work

Selling amateur porn is sex work and sex work is hard! Yes, it’s fun, empowering and can pay a lot of money but it is hard work and has the potential to burn you out.

First, let’s talk about the emotional aspects. As someone getting naked in front of a camera, you put yourself in a vulnerable position. You lose anonymity while your viewers don’t and this can lead to an imbalance power dynamic that encourages trolls, scammers, time-wasters etc. As an amateur content creator you have to have an extremely thick skin which a lot of people don’t. If someone pointing out that one flaw spoils your whole week, definitely consider doing something else.

Secondly, this work is physically challenging. Most successful models create content on a daily basis with cam girls going in front of camera and masturbating for hours at a time. This means that you will need a huge sexual stamina and be comfortable sitting in one place in awkward positions for extended periods of time.

To top it all off, sex work inevitably affects your personal life as well. Your profession will be frowned upon by family and it becomes hard to find supportive friends who understand what you do and go through for work.

This may not affect you initially but this is something to keep in mind as your career grows. If you’re aware of these problems you can avoid long terms problems through yoga, meditation and just a general healthy lifestyle. It also helps to find a community of like minded people which is something that we can also help you with.

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