How to make more money with OnlyFans and become a Top 5% earner
Jojo / 2020-10-09 / 7min read

This is going to be an important one.

In the past year, and especially since COVID, I have seen an unbelievable number of girls start an OnlyFans and as with anything else on the internet it has turned the business of selling content into a pyramid; lots of competition at the bottom with girls barely making minimum wage and then the top 10% making the most money. Now on paper this may seem terrible since just based on probability you would think that most girls will be at the bottom of the pyramid and not make any money. However with the right education this pyramid actually represents an opportunity to make exponentially more money.

Having worked with 100s of content creators over the past couple of years and observing their career progression, I have identified up a few things that usually separate the top 10% from the rest.

Personalizing your content is everything

I have said this a million times before and I will say this again. Your pictures and videos have no value and your focus should never be on selling jpegs. With an infinite amount of porn freely available why would anyone buying your badly produced homemade content from you? The answer is your ability to interact with guys and being able to offer a personalized experience they will not get from that random video on PornHub. Usually a shift in this mindset is all it takes to start making more money.

Keep your communication open, invite discussions and show your fans you are someone who is open about their sexuality, loves to make content and is likely to deliver a fun experience in exchange for their money. Being a sexually confident person who is always in reach is how you add value to your fan’s life.

At jojosgirls, one of our top models, diligently broadcasts a picture and a morning message to all her subscribers on OnlyFans every…single…day. Who do you think they think about during the day? Who’s content do they buy at the end of the day? Will they not get more value watching her content than some random video on a tube site?

Get in the habit of giving stuff for free

This is a sticking point for a lot of new models and always a point of contention with our trainees. A lot of models are overprotective of their content and are afraid to give away their best stuff for free. This ends up causing them to lose out on all the new potential subscribers in the process. Some go beyond this and even turn off their DMs which is a terrible idea specially at the beginning.

I know giving stuff out free hurts but allow me use lessons from human psychology to explain why I always advocate for doing this. People generally want things others want. As a content creator, the way to show people that others want you is through the number of followers and overall engagement you have on social media and OnlyFans. As a newbie you have none of that and the best way to drive more followers and engagement is by giving out free eye catching tidbits. You may also want to lower your OnlyFans price for a while and maybe even make it free so your subscriber counts grow.

This trick has been used by marketers for ages now. Ever walked into grocery and had someone offer free cookie samples? You eat it, its yummy and you're hooked. Now as you're walking through the aisles you crave that taste in the mouth and you end up buying the whole box! That is exactly what we are trying to achieve here.

Also, remember that social media rewards profiles with more followers by putting them before others and that is one of the most important factors that leads to growth.

You can think of giving content as nothing but a little marketing investment.

One reason why girls don’t want to do this is just general shyness or being afraid of getting discovered. In my opinion, if you’ve decided to do content just own your sexuality and make the best of your gig. You will gain nothing from keeping your best content secretive. Besides, you get no where in life by half-assing anything. This is a business, give some content out for free to market yourself and learn to catch the phat cats.

Try finding the top OF content creators and see how much free content they give out on Twitter.

Find Collaborators

As a company that obsessively collects and studies trends one of the best predictors of success as a content creator is your ability to collaborate with other creators.

First, collaborations give you tonnes of extra exposure. Appearing with a more established creator is one of the best ways to capture a diversified audience.

Also, collaborations give you more credibility as a well established and professional content creator and sets you apart from the thousand of newbies half-assing this gig. In my experience, the biggest fear guys have giving out money is a model that will disappear after a while. Unfortunately this happens a lot; a lot girls sign up out of excitement and then quickly realize that this takes work. Once you get credibility, fans get comfort in the fact that you are someone who does porn seriously and are generally more willing to open their wallet as a result.


OnlyFans is an excellent platform no doubt but every successful content creator knows that it nothing but one of the tools to make money. Again, the product is you and your ability to interact with people and platforms are just one part of the equation. It is always a good idea to spread your net a bit and give your fans multiple options to spend.

After you have gained some traction on OnlyFans try some other platforms as well to mix things up a bit. Here are some ideas:


They are well established and attract people willing to spend tokens they have already paid for. A live show tells people you are real and is an excellent way to interact with fans and bring out your personality. Not only will you make money through the platform itself but it will drive your fans to OnlyFans and other payment method. One platform we love to use is Chaturbate since it has the highest traffic among other platforms.


Unlike OnlyFans, clipsites are like the Amazon of porn. Your Twitter followers can easily browse through a gallery of clips and choose to download whatever they like. A pragmatic way to make money with clipsites is to simply repost your customs and other content from OnlyFans. I personally love ManyVids since its a great platform and was a founded by a sex worker.

Sell Tangibles

Panties, used lingerie and other tangibles like replica pussy sell really well and it is one of the most untapped markets that girls ignore. You can again use ManyVidsto list your items or use Reddit to promote them in exchange for other payments. Just be careful with the latter since they have the potential of getting scammed. There are other platforms besides MV that work really well too.

Follow Good Social Media Management

We talked about giving stuff out free but be careful of the other side as well. Social media platforms are getting increasingly strict so its always a good idea to follow good social media management rules.

Here are a few:

1. Always follow the rules

Takes some time to read through their documentation to make sure you are compliant. For example, I often see girls post nudity in their Twitter header and profile pic only to get banned and lose all their followers a while later. If you read through the Twitter help, they explicitly discourage doing so.

2. Post regularly and keep your accounts fresh

Most social media sites boost profiles that are active and post regularly. Also, it tells people that you like to create content and that gives them comfort in signing up as a subscriber on OnlyFans.

At jojosgirls, we encourage our models to create content for the whole week on the weekends and then we release it out slowly over the rest of the week. You can use a tool like Hootsuite to plan your posts out for the upcoming days.

3. Promote Carefully

Generally hashtags are likes landmines for sex workers. The best way to promote is using the “follow-unfollow trick” or collaborating with other sellers through retweet groups. If you put out good teasers, generally your account will organically grow overtime. You should be on all social media and have backup accounts everywhere.

Reinvest in yourself

As with any other business, you should always be focused on improving your product — in this case that is you. The way to do it is to budget your income and save a portion to reinvest in yourself.

Going to the gym and joining a fitness class will not only make your physique sexier but also improves your stamina and gives you energy to perform better for your content. Its a harsh truth but fit girls generally always go better in this business. Besides gym, mental health is also something I have been girls struggle with. Sex work requires a certain mental strength and its always a good idea to avoid creating situation that will lead to burnout — take it easy, get ample vacation and leave your phone and social media alone everyone once in a while to let some steam out.

Set some earnings aside and reinvest in building out a collection of equipment you can use to make good quality content. A better lighting system, a good camera and more toys and lingerie can always help you standout as a content creator. The most successful cam girls at least have ten to twenty toys in their collection! At jojosgirls we work with our suppliers to buy our models all these things early on in their career.